Monday, September 9, 2013

Beauty Review: Of Snails and Serums

Recently, I entered a beauty blog giveaway, at Ageless Beauty, and to my enduring shock, won a wonderful product-- Sua Young's Bio-Whitening Complex Serum.

 The contest was sponsored by Peach and Lily, importers of the best in Asian skincare. We all know that Eastern cosmetic companies create and use the most cutting edge technology-- Peach and Lily make it their business to search out the best and brightest in skincare and pass it on.

 So, I shouldn't have been surprised to find out that this serum was far more than just another under-your-moisturizer anti-aging step. This lightweight liquid is a multi-benefit serum, that also moisturizes and primes the skin, as it gradually evens out tone. It is made primarily from plant extracts, and disappears instantly, leaving the face smoothed, silky, toned, primed, looking even-toned and lovely.

 It is utterly non-greasy, yet has handled my mature skin's moisture needs perfectly through our current cool Autumn weather. There is a subtle rose scent that is pleasant and very light, added through the use of the natural flower oil essence. Along with that, the serum contains aloe, witch hazel and allantoin, among other ingredients. It is produced in Korea, and packaged in a cylindrical pump containing 30ml.

 Through a week+ of daily use, I've found it to have a cumulative brightening and smoothing effect, making my overall skin texture fresher, the pores appearing smaller, the surface a little more luminous and light-reflecting. One caveat-- you still need eye gel or cream, since the serum is not meant to be used around the eyes, but other than that, enjoy it on your face and neck luxuriously. A little goes a long way, which is good, as this product costs about $55 USD. But then, it has removed the need for several other products, too.

Along with the full-sized serum, P&L sent me a nice note of congratulations, and at least $15 worth of free samples. Very exciting, until I found that several of them contain "92% Snail Extract." Why, I can't say, though a friend suggested that perhaps it naturally "slows down aging." Thanks, Rod! That could be it.

 Whatever the reason for the inclusion of such an extract in toners or creams, I'm a vegetarian, an animal rights activist, a simple American chick-- and I can't stomach the idea of snails on my face, especially squished snails. I prefer to enjoy them visually, in their natural habitat:


Pretty, yes, but will that transfer through a facial cream?

 I do appreciate the samples, though, and may try them on my feet so that those poor snails will not have died in vain. The other samples may be reviewed in future. Meantime, I'm considering buying another round of this serum since it's doing such a stellar job. The better your skin,  the easier it is to look beautiful and healthy; so the most effective skincare you can afford saves money and time. I think that for me, this stuff is worth the cost, and I'd suggest it for most other skins, too. Sensitive or oily skins can probably handle this well and benefit from it, and drier skin may need, at most, a little extra moisturizer over the serum after it has set in for a minute. My somewhat dry, very sensitive skin is happy, and fresher-looking every day. I hope it lasts through the Buffalo winter.

 The last word on Sua Young Bio-Whitening Complex Serum? Absolutely recommended-- and no snails were harmed in the creation of this review.

 Have a gorgeous week--


  1. Congrats on winning, what a nice prize! Sounds like very nice serum. And as for the snail extract, do you think that the snails actually get killed for it? If so, not cool...

    1. Pretty sure it's the insides and not the outer slime trail that gets put in. Ick!

  2. Nice review, Mari. I'm so glad you enjoyed the prize you won at Ageless Beauty :-)

  3. I'm sold! Are you sure the serum doesn't contain animals in any measure, right? By the way, I have a lot of friends who use as a remedy for their children's cough a syrup based on snail's mucus. Isn't that gross????? I promise I don't administer any kind of animal fluids to my daughter! Ok, enough ramblings, sorry if I kept the comment so long but I was a little bit shocked.
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  4. Nope, the ingredients of THIS serum are all plant derivatives or cosmeceutical in nature. And I'm still lovin' it.